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Re: [NABOKOV-Ll] Crystals and icicles...
Jansy mentioned the falling ice incident. Some may not recall that I posted a wire story from 1957 (when VN collected many of the images that later appeared in PF) which I believe was the inspiration for the image in Shade's poem. See here:

The story is halfway down on the left side, under the "Mid-Day Prices" chart.

Matt Roth

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PS: Two mistakes. The series is named "CSI" and the dropped ice is (apparently) spelled "crapsicle" and not "crapcicle"

Cf. from internet ( and "urban dictionary sites"):

waste matter leaked out of a plane, also known as "blue ice"
from an episode of CSI:NY...
Aiden is puzzled because the Port-a-Potty chemicals match the matter on Bill's jeans but those in his head wound. She breaks down the chemicals and focuses on the one that doesn't match: Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium, which is used mostly in airplane toilets. Aiden puts it together: waste matter leaked out of a plane, froze in the atmosphere and came crashing down to earth, striking Bill Lamakkia on the head and killing him. Flack is nonplussed: "A crapsicle killed this guy?" he wonders.

"Causing a chunk of ice formed on a high-/Flying airplane to plummet from the sky/And strike a farmer dead; hiding my keys,/Glasses or pipe. Coordinating these/ Events and objects with remote events/And vanished objects. Making ornaments/ Of accidents and possibilities." (Pale Fire, John Shade)."
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