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Re: Showgirl Lolita
I suggest that you Google the New York Public Library's extensive theater
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On Tue, Jan 3, 2017 at 3:45 PM, Didier Machu <>

> Dear List,
> *Show Girl* is a 1929 American musical play. Like the 1928 silent
> comedy-drama film (with soundtrack) bearing the same title, it tells of a
> "show-crazy girl" (as Humbert would put it) and indeed she rises to fame
> "in an essentially grief-proof sphere of existence wherefrom death and
> truth [are] banned" as a sugardaddy eventually finances her in a show "on
> fabulous Broadway". That musical could boast music by George Gershwin,
> lyrics by Ira Gershwin (whom Nabokov would come to know around 1960) and
> Gus Kahn, and an orchestra directed by Duke Ellington.
> But what interests me is (probably) quite coincidental: among the musical
> numbers in it, one finds "Lolita (my Love)" and "How could I forget
> [Lolita]" (the first title seems to have inspired Barry and Lerner with
> that of their own ill-fated 1971 musical adaptation). Just for curiosity's
> sake, does anyone know where one could find the lyrics of those two
> numbers? The plot provided opportunities to include numbers from earlier
> works but I cannot tell who that Lolita is in the musical.
> Many thanks!
> Didier Machu
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