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NABOKV-L post 0021936, Sat, 13 Aug 2011 00:12:32 -0300

Re: Golliwogs
Didier Machu: Yes, there are traces of Golliwog in Camera Obscura / Laughter in the Dark. Margot twice calls Albinus doggy...in the British edition but in the American edition (100, 180) woggy is substituted....

JM: It would be nice if I were able to retribute DMachu's comprehensive information in connection to the golliwoggs, but this kind of doll, or of adventure-stories for children is very unfamiliar to me. I would never have guessed its presence in "Laughter in the Dark" nor in "KQKn," with the unexpected literary pranks it entails.
I'll check it in the Brazilian-Portuguese edition to find out how the translators cope with it or, at least, how they render the "doggy-woggy" alusion.

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