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Re: Kyoto Reading Circle
Re: [NABOKV-L] Kyoto Reading CircleStan Kelly-Bootle [ to JM's Lacan uses the model of Achilles and Briseida (a slave-girl, or the tortoise...) representing infinite regress to explain how, according to his theory, men and women can never ever really meet in a (symbolic, ie, a verbalizable) sexual embrace.]" Perhaps 'the enslaved-QUEEN,' rather than 'a slave-girl,' better describes Briseis (later spelling, Briseida)..It's depressing that Lacan can shamelessly deploy his mathematical ignorance with such pseudo-paradoxical nonsense. The Hare does catch the Tortoise; and, barring a Lacanian Virgin-Birth, his parents did manage a real, verbalizable [sic] sexual embrace!

JM: I won't swallow your bait and go on about Lacan's borromean torus with its three dimensions (symbolic-real-imaginary)*.
Luzhin Senior thought that Sasha's solitary pursuits derived from the simple allure of lurid images, even though his occupation can still be considered as erotic by its compulsiveness and so much more.
Will there ever be an end to readers's attempts to "explain" Nabokov's allure?**

* - Post-coital verbalizations (will it be great?Yes, it was great) have nothing to do with Lacan's "symbolic." Our EDs will be wise to curtail any efforts which shy away from Nabokoviana.
Btw, Lacan wrote extensively about James Joyce ( "Le Sint'homme") and the writer Borges, about Zenon in "Achilles and the Tortoise."

** - In his postface to "Lolita" Nabokov started to distinguish between pornographic writing and the erotic in art. But he didn't say it all.

Errata: Instead of Quixote, please read Cervantes; instead of loast, last in my previous posting (and when I mentioned my "ineptness," I should have written "ineptitude" instead.)

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