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Re: Kyoto Reading Circle
Shoko Miura Kyoto Reading Circle, NSJ Japan To all N-L readers: - NSJ Ada Annotations - The Kyoto Reading Circle is a small group of Nabokov readers belonging to the Nabokov Society of Japan currently making annotations on Nabokov's Ada. Right now, we are several chapters ahead of Brian's Ada Annotations. .. Recently, with the kind cooperation of Beth Sweeney and Stephen Blackwell, our internet site has been linked to NABOKV-L and you can see our annotations by clicking "View NSJ Ada Annotations" (http://vnjapan.org/main/ada/index.html). at the bottom of each posted message of NABOKV-L. We have just uploaded to our site our new annotations for Chapters 37 and 38 of Part I of Ada,with comments by Brian Boyd. In the future, we will post an announcement each time we upload new annotations. We hope our annotations will be of interest to Nabokov scholars and we look forward to questions and comments from you.

JM: The reminder to the Nab-L participants about the uploading of new items is, for me, an important initiative (inspite of the addition of "View NSJ Ada Annotations").
Besides Nabokov scholars, there are simply Nabokov readers and admirers who at present take part in the Nabokov-L like me and who, I imagine, will be interested in the Kyoto Reading Circle annotations, with the very recent comments by Brian Boyd included.

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