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The obsolete meaning of krasnyi (red) is krasivyi (fair). I wrote about krasnaya devitsa (beautiful girl) in my article "Ada as a Russian Fairy Tale" and about krasnyi vymysel (fair invention) in "The Fair Invention in Nabokov's Ada." Also, I recently mentioned in Nabokv-L Krasnaya ploshchad' (incorrectly translated as Red Square). Btw., Ada's TORFYaNUYu went through two red squares on the Flavita board (see my Krasnyi tsvetok zla, "The Red Flower of Evil in Nabokov's Ada," available in Zembla).

JM: Alexey Sklyarenko also considers the raspberry theme and speaks "of Mandelshtam, the poet who is important in Ada, in my article "Flowers into Bloomers: Mistranslation as the Original Sin."

I never wrote that article.

I knew that there was something else in Lapiner (besides lapin) but couldn't remember what. Thanks to Stan for refreshing my memory.

Alexey Sklyarenko

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