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l'ardeur de la canicule
'Well,' answered Ada, straddling her favorite limb, 'as we all know, Mlle La Riviere de Diamants has nothing against a hysterical little girl's not wearing pantalets during l'ardeur de la canicule.'
'I refuse to share the ardor of your little canicule with an apple tree.'

...Soon after that foretaste of knowledge, an amusing thing happened. She was on her way to Krolik's house with a boxful of hatched and chlorophormed butterflies and had just passed through the orchard when she suddenly stopped and swore (chort!). (Ada: 1.15)

It seems that dogs (canicule, little dog), rabbits (Krolik), devils (chort) and female genitalia are indeed connected and meet again in Kunikulinov and Dan's cherti sobach'i.

Alexey Sklyarenko

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