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First, a correction: in my previous post "Mikhail Chekhov's marriage collapsed at the last moment" should be "Mikhail Chekhov's wedding was canceled at the last moment."

...the dark-red New World Express reached Brazilia and Witch (or Viedma, founded by a Russian admiral). (2.2)

Ved'ma ("The Witch," 1886) is a story by Chekhov.
The only Russian admiral mentioned in Ada is Tobakoff (after whom the Tobago Islands, or the Tobakoff Islands, are named: 2.5). Chekhov is the author of two scenes O vrede Tobaka ("On the Harm of Tobacco") and Svad'ba ("The Wedding"), a scene based on his earlier story "The Wedding with a General" (1884), in which the general turns out to be a retired naval Captain.

Btw., Sobaka ("The Dog") is a story by Turgenev beloved by Chekhov (the author of Kashtanka, another dog story). Writing to his wife, Olga Knipper, Chekhov sometimes fondly addressed her sobaka moya ("my dear dog").

The Nabokov's dachshund Trainy was as long and as brown as a sleeping car. The grandparents of Box II were Dr Chekhov's dachshunds Quina and Brom.

Alexey Sklyarenko

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