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How to find Elena Nabokov's grave in Prague ...

How to find Elena Nabokov's grave in Prague
If you ever find yourself in Prague, you can stop by the grave of Vladimir Nabokov's mother, Elena. Nabokov himself never made a visit to his mother's tomb, preoccupied as he was with fleeing Paris in advance of the Nazi war machine from the east; and even after returning to Europe following the international success of Lolita and the attendant fiscal fortitude and financial freedom, Nabokov never crossed the Red Line into eastern Europe. Nabokov exited our earth, stage left, some 15 months before I was born, so our friendship, for lack of a better term, got off to a bad start; with that said VN has incalculably enriched my existence, and in minuscule repayment, I figured I would find Mama Nabokov's grave while I was in Prague, and since no instructions exist (online at least) to locate it I would document the process for future generations. Please stop by while you're visiting Kafka (they are located quite close to each other), bring her some flowers, sit for a moment, and as she would say to infant Vladimir:
"Vot zapomni (now remember)"
Step 1: Get thyself to Prague. Your mileage may vary.

Step 2: Go to Olsansky cemetery

Olsanske hrbitovy
Vinohradska 1835/153
Zizkov, 150 00 Praha-Prag

Step 3: Find section 2 ob-odd 22

This is in the "Russian section"; a straight shot from the entrance to the part of Olsansky cemetery that physically touches the New Jewish Cemetery where Kafka is buried. If you are standing at the gate looking down the lane, you will see a Russian-esque church adorned with icon-like paintings. Just past it you will see the sign in the photo. Look down the lane as in the photo, Elena Nabokov's grave is the first full gravestone you see in the picture from the left.

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