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new book on the end of Bunny & Volodya
To the List members,

Just in the nick of time for stocking stuffers comes a new book on how
the Bunny-Volodya friendship came to a crashing dénouement against the
rocky coast of how to translate Pushkin's Onegin. One review actually
is entitled "When Pushkin Came to Shove," reminding us that Wilson had
a distinct distaste for Nabokov's indefatigable love of punning.

I have read positive reviews in both the Los Angeles Times and the
Wall Street Journal, neither of which is by a Russian speaker. I am a
little discomfited by the author's claim to "know a thing or two about
Russian language and literature," but postulates that Ada is a pun on
"ardor" and "ah, da (oh, yes)" - not very encouraging - oh, no.

You can check it out on Amazon.
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