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Review: A beguiling 'Lolita Roadtrip' at San Jose Stage

By Karen D'Souza
Posted: 04/12/2011 12:30:11 PM PDT
Updated: 04/12/2011 05:24:41 PM PDT
Vladimir Nabokov chased butterflies on a cross-country drive back in 1941. In "Lolita Roadtrip," a grad student chases the writer's ghost as she retraces his footsteps and his foibles.
Mystery, history and the puzzle of the subconscious intertwine in Trevor Allen's beguiling new play. The playwright best known for "The Creature" and "Tenders in the Fog" riffs on Nabokovian themes in this captivating piece in its world premiere, a joint production of San Jose Stage (where it runs through May 1) and San Francisco's PlayGround.

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Lopez-Morillas skips back and forth primarily between the role of Nabokov, hunting his elusive butterfly, and Drake, a Stanford professor who also has a weakness for beautiful, mercurial young creatures, like Julia when she was a girl.

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Allen intends them as a metaphor for his characters, all of whom struggle toward a metamorphoses, but these lovely odes to the butterfly world shimmer brighter than some of the human exchanges. However, the chorus of voices is compelling enough that if Allen can sharpen the narrative as the play evolves, there's no doubt this "Lolita" can soar high indeed.
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