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Vladimir Nabokov exhumé en vidéo ...

Vladimir Nabokov exhumed in video

The writer Vladimir Nabokov DR

CULTURE - A documentary aired on a TV show New York the day the author of "Lolita" ...

Vladimir Nabokov died in 1977, reappeared in a five-episode documentary posted on the site of Thirteen , a television station in New York. The program had already been broadcast on the air it in January 2008, but non-New Yorkers can now find on the Web.

It shows the American writer asked, in perfect French, newspapers in his newspaper vendor of Montreux , a Swiss city where he settled in 1959. Four years, so after the publication of "Lolita," which he reads in the video, the beginning of the Russian version.

Nabokov then, at the age of sixty years before the camera reveals her office. He likes to show a chair, a secretary, a bed, all those places in which it "fails" at different times of day, between two pages of writing.

Football and Chess

We see even play football outside and chess with his wife, Vera Slonim, there is no shortage of encouraging with "Go, baby, I can make mistakes too." Nabokov, known for his talents as a player, was also staged his book "The Luzhin Defence"(1964) as a chess game.

"I'm not a great orator," he says regretfully, confident his fascination for those who make "fine phrases fluids. "Why do you hate Freud?" Questioned then one of the journalists. "I think it is medieval, Nabokov answered. I did not dream he describes in his books. " A fascinating document.


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