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Didier Machu: Lolita, ou le tyran confondu
Dear List,

I wish to advertise a book recently published:


Didier MACHU<http://presses.univ-lyon2.fr/?q=node/67&type=contributor&id_contributor=903>

LOLITA *OU LE TYRAN CONFONDU* – *Lecture de Nabokov*

Université de Lyon 2: Presses universitaires de Lyon, 2010

448 pages, 14 x 18 cm

[Preface by Jeff Edmunds]

ISBN13 : 978-2-7297-0831-3

ISBN10 : 2-7297-0831-6

Presentation: http://presses.univ-lyon2.fr/?q=node/68&id_product=838)

"*Lolita*, a famed and infamous best-seller, remains largely unexplored.

A book of passion and possession it certainly is—in all senses of these
words—but much of what it means remains to be said though it is fully there
for us to discover.

Readers are invited to a gratifying inquiry into the particulars of the text
and its complex entwining—much as Humbert is compelled to a superficially
similar scrutiny.

An imperialist and cowardly tyrant, a monster and would-be-Apollo, Humbert
pounces on a child's body as he would take possession of a continent.
Ultimately though, in the New World where that domestic Hitler comes to know
democracy as well as mass culture (Hollywood, comics, ...), Quilty, a
Dionysian figure and his antagonistic double, upends Humbert's assumed
character and the order prevailing so far."

This rough translation of the back cover blurb fails to reflect all this
study means to investigate and bring into light. Thomas Aquinas,
Baden-Powell, Boris Karloff, Captain America, Carl Jung, Carole Lombard,
Cary Grant, Chaplin, Clarabelle Cow, Clark Gable, Fritz Lang, Harlequin,
Hitler, J.M. Barrie, John Heartfield, King Arthur, Li'l Abner, Maupassant,
Petrarch, Proust, Rousseau, Shirley Temple, Shklovsky and Superman are but a
few of the figures called as witnesses, plaintiffs or accomplices (through
no fault of their own).

I hope you find the time for a peek into the book and enjoy it.

For the record, I would also like to mention that, the year before, I
co-edited a collection of essays (in English and in French) on *Lolita*—the
novel by Nabokov and Kubrick's film (the book is still available):

Didier MACHU & TaĂŻna TUHKUNEN (eds.)

Lolita*, roman de Vladimir Nabokov (1955) et film de Stanley Kubrick (
1962). *

Paris : Ellipses, 2009

ISBN 978-2-7298-5286-3


Table of contents:


*Etudes sur le roman de Vladimir Nabokov*

Didier Machu

Introduction Ă  *Lolita*, roman de Vladimir Nabokov

Christine Raguet

Lolita, “the Most Mythopoeic Nymphet.”

René Alladaye

“By Putting the Geography of the United States into Motion…” (*Lolita*, II,

Jacqueline Hamrit

*Lolita* à l’épreuve de la théorie des genres littéraires

Lara Delage-Toriel

Nabokov’s Sense of Detail – with Particular Reference to *Lolita*

Isabelle Poulin

Une Écriture à touche-touche : intertextualité et plurilinguisme dans *

Daniel Thomières

Séduction et herméneutique dans *Lolita* de Vladimir Nabokov

Yona Dureau

Quelques rapports entre la science et l’écriture dans *Lolita*

*Etudes sur le film de Stanley Kubrick*

Michel Ciment


TaĂŻna Tuhkunen

Introduction Ă  *Lolita*, film de Stanley Kubrick

Gilles Menegaldo
*Lolita *et l’œuvre de Stanley Kubrick avant 1962 : héritage et filiation

Patricia Kruth
Le Spectateur, le monstre et la victime : le point de vue dans *Lolita* de
Stanley Kubrick

David Roche
(De)constructing Lolita as “Sexual Object”: Metonymy, Identification and
Subjecthood in Stanley Kubrick’s *Lolita* (1962)

Pierre Floquet
L’Éclat noir du burlesque dans *Lolita*

Michel Etcheverry
Le Charme feutré du mauvais goût philistin : *Lolita* d’Adrian Lyne (1997)

Etudes croisées

Marie Bouchet
Focalization and Narration in *Lolita*, Novel and Film

Christine Evain
Hollywoodisation de *Lolita*

Anne Paupe
La Place de la route dans *Lolita* : de Nabokov Ă  Kubrick

Isabelle Van Peteghem
Voix de femmes dans *Lolita*, le roman de Nabokov et le film de Kubrick

GĂ©raldine Chouard

& Anne Crémieux
Love at First Sight: Humbert Meets Lolita

All the best,

Didier Machu,


Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour

Avenue de l'Université

BP 576

64012 PAU Cedex (France)

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