Question about a quote in Lolita

Submitted by sarra_ben_dhia on Thu, 05/19/2022 - 12:53

Hello! This is my first post on thenabokovian.

I am currently writing my research paper on Nabokov's Lolita  for my master's degree.  I was wondering whether anyone knows if "ces matins gris si doux..." (p.49) is a quote from a poem as Nabokov usually puts his quotes between quotation marks. 


Thanks in advance.


Gris being French for "gray," I'm reminded of Utro tumannoe, utro sedoe (Morning so nebulous, morning gray-drowning), "Turgenev's only memorable lyrical poem" (because it became a popular song). This is not a quote, but a paraphrase.


May I ask you, Sarra, to use in future the "Nabokv-L discussion" page for your posts on the Nabokovian:) Thank you in advance. I would also like to use this opportunity for drawing everybody's attention to the expanded version of my latest post, "small folding chessboard in Luzhin's lining," with my timeline in The Luzhin Defense.