Vladimir Nabokov

Romanova, Alla, and Sergey Iurev. Vospitanie Nabokova. 1995

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Vospitanie Nabokova
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Domovoi is a glossy, up-scale Russian magazine which seems to fall somewhere between House and Garden and Vanity Fair. This article, which appears in the "Family Archive" section, is mostly notable for its excellent illustrations and photographs; it ponders the question of "a spoiled upbringing" and a more traditionally structured one. The essay includes a few interesting tidbits provided by Russian VN specialists Vadim Stark (head of the Nabokov Foundation in St. Petersburg), Olga Skonechanya, Natalia Tolstaya, and others. Also noteworthy are the photos from Dmitri Nabokov's April 1995 visit to Nabokov estate and city home. [Don Barton Johnson]