Vladimir Nabokov

Boyd, Brian. Lolita: Scene and Unseen. 2008

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Lolita: Scene and Unseen
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Approaches to Teaching Lolita
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Collected as ch 21 of Brian Boyd, Stalking Nabokov.

An attempt to show how Lolita could be taught by focusing on the different ways the scenes of Humbert's first catching sight of Lolita and of his trying to talk to her once installed in the Haze home are treated in the novel itself, in the Kubrick 1962 and the Lyne 1998 versions, and in the Schiff screenplay for Lyne's film, which also includes elements adapted by Pinter, and in Nabokov's screenplay nominally for Kubrick's film. It raises the questions of Nabokov's narrative and dramatic techniques and the complexity of his ethical judgments and aesthetics of presentation.