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The sun rises... in the west?

Everyone who hasn't thought about it should take a look at the end of Pnin, where Jonathan Rowan has identified (with the help of a Lombardy poplar) the sun's strange trick of rising in the west on the novel's final morning. Read more

Please send in nuggets of research you are willing to share before finalizing them in peer-reviewed publications, or highlight neglected discoveries of others.

Classics from The Nabokovian


The new "Classic" is Akiko Nakata's "Angels on the Planks: The Workmen in the Two Scenes in Mary," from the Spring, 1999 Nabokovian (No. 42). Enjoy!

Angels on the Planks: The Workmen in the Two Scenes in Mary

In the last scene of Mary, Ganin returns to his “real” life from his journey through the past. In other words, his revelation finally brings him back from the world of shades and ghosts to his “real” world, in which he seems to live on at will. . . . Read more

First Sightings (Lepidoptera)

First toothwort whites of 2024, March 17, Great Smoky Mountains


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