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FROM: Don Johnson

l have been doing a lot of desultory reading lately. By chance I ran across a novel, "The Translation of Dr Appeles," by David Treuer who teaches in the English Department at the U. of Minnesota. Its hero (like Treuer) is an Ojibwe with a PHD but (unlike Treuer) works in a NYC library archive and translates Indian legend manuscripts. The book interweaves the life of the translator and the 19th century Indian tale he is translating. All in all, a good literary novel playing with the metaphor of texts (and lives) interbreeding (and interbleeding).

Among the things that caught my eye was a passage describing a disjointed dream based presumably upon scenes from the books that pass through his hands. Among them, we find:

"To his left was a man throwing cabbages over a stone wall and to his right a bearded professor played table tennis in his basement with a pair of twins" (77)

Doctor Kinbote, I presume? I see from Treuer's University CV that he teaches a course called "The Layering of Modern Narrative, Looking for Treasure in Nabokov's Pale Fire."

P.S. But (rhetorically) who is that man throwing cabbages over the wall?

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