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BRIEF RESPONSES: Shallow takes on literature,
translators' princely sums
[EDNOTE. As you know, NABOKV-L editorial policy frowns upon forwarding brief rhetorical flourishes to the List lest we clutter up folks' in-boxes unduly. When possible, as in this instance, I may try to combine them into a single message on a related topic. -- SES]

Joseph Aisenberg writes in response to the article "Love, actually," on LOLITA as a rare novel concerned with love:

These are the sorts of shallow takes on literature that makes one feel dirty using the L-word.,25197,24670443-16947,00.html

And George Shimanovich responds to Jansy Mello's comment on Verses and Visions:

>[Translator] should ... be paid princely sums for his works.
Aha! does that explains list price of $40? I just paid $20 for used book in good condition at I do agree with the premise though.

- George

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