Matt Roth: A student of mine sent me the link to this restaurant in the Washington, D.C. area: / The description reads:

"Modern Zemblan Cuisine - Inspired by my years in Onhava following the fall of the Soviet Union—by day working to restore the House of Botkin to the Throne of Zembla…and by night hunting the sea-marshes for the rare Crepuscular Bog Orchid, waiting for first dawn to pluck its prized fragrant dark bloom—I proudly bring to you imaginative tastes from the Estoty and Tartary Cuisines of Zembla, as well as exotic ethnic flavors from its elusive Crypto-Hebraic minority.        

Relax. Indulge. Enjoy! "


Jansy Mello: Great fun! And mind boggling, too: how should we imagine the Antiterran "tastes from the Estoty and Tartary Cuisines of Zembla"?  I'm curious about what spices, flowers and fruits will be added to the dishes. From its insertion inside  a Burger area I deduce it is not a vegetarian place.  

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