To my shame the anagram in my previous post is incorrect. Vek (century) should be a wee bit longer:


nabelo + ochko + vvek = Nabokov + chelovek


Or the whole thing can be rearranged as follows:


nabelo + kovcheg + vek + Yorik + Lolita = Nabokov + chelovek + geroy + lik + tail/lait/Atli

nabelo + kolichestvo + trava = Nabokov + Lolita + Vera + chest


vvek - ever

kovcheg – ark

Yorik – Yorick in Russian spelling

geroy – hero

lik – obs., face; cf. Lik (1939), a story by VN

lait – Fr., milk

Atli – one of the names of Thor; a character in the Poetic Edda

kolichestvo – quantity

trava – grass

vrata – obs., gates


The English chest needs one more letter (the soft sign) to become Russian chest’ (honor).


Alexey Sklyarenko

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