Dear Nabokov Society members, present, pending, and future:

The Society's annual business meeting will begin at the Nabokov session tomorrow in the Austin Conference Center, room 5B (12pm-1:15pm, Central, 1pm-2:15pm Eastern) and will continue (if needed) at TRIO Restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel. See below for instructions on participating or listening from afar.

From Leland's earlier message, sent to 2014 and 2015 members only:
Saturday, 9 January, 12:00 noon–1:15 p.m., in Room 5B, at the Austin Convention Center.   

The Business meeting will start around 12:50 [central time].  We will try testing Google Hangouts.  People wishing to participate should have Google + accounts [or, perhaps, at least a Gmail address or Google Chrome login-sb]. This link should allow you to register. If it does not please let me know.

I am pasting at bottom the bylaws-related measures that are currently up for vote by members paid through 2015 (not 2016--no renewals are due yet for 2016; 2015 renewals were just called in Nov. or Dec.). Any new members who wish to pay 2015 dues will be eligible to vote. Votes should be emailed by 4:30pm Eastern on Jan. 10 to Leland (at, who will confidentially tally them. Only paid members' votes will be counted.

New membership queries should come to me at:

Best wishes,
Steve Blackwell, Secretary & Treasurer, IVNS

The Agenda for the Vladimir Nabokov Society Business Meeting of January 9, 2016
  Call to Order
        Acting Secretary for the session if Steve Blackwell is not online
          a.  The VP Election Results
  Committee Reports-
         a. Next Year's MLA, AATSEEL, ASEES, SAMLA, NAMLA, American Literature Conference Sessions
         b. Conference:  100th Anniversary of Nabokov’s First Publication

New Business
Discussion/Voting: First Round of Changes to the Bylaws
Announcement of Nabokov Studies Prizes
Motion to adjourn


First Round of Changes to the Bylaws.
Vote YES or NO
The Board of Directors of the Vladimir Nabokov Society recommends to the membership the following measures:
1.Write into the bylaws a mechanism for resolving ties by
        i. Populating the website Nabokovian’s columns with editors and
        ii. Having the column editors become de facto members of the Board and so that non-US based members can become officers. 
        iii. Setting the website column editors' terms at four years.
         iv. Succession planning: Initially, the editors may publish their own work but in most cases they will be expected to recruit other work and eventually recruit their own successors for the Board’s approval. 
                  Note:  There is no website ubereditor. Column editors pair up and read each other’s columns before they are posted.

2. Query the future Board (once so constituted) on
      a. Continuing a print version of the Website Nabokovian  
      b. Defining the role, term, and authority of the editor.
             i. Note:  A print option of the website Nabokovian continues to exist, unless/until the New Board votes to end it.  The print option will be financed by members' supplemental payments and by gifts specifically made in support of such printings, as long as the New Board agrees that accepting such gifts is in the best interests of the Society.
             ii.  If voted on, the print edition of the Website Nabokovian will have an editor, who will have the authority to uphold pre-defined length limits for each "issue" (on a first-come-first-served basis); the authority to correct typos and to request corrections of important found errors (e.g. in translations or references); authority to make decisions about the visual appearance of the print edition; the authority to purchase envelopes and stamps and contract and pay for printing and shipping of the printing to him/her, using the funds available through the specified additional payments or earmarked donations.

3. Agree that any and all financial support that might be given to the Society by the VN Estate and its successor Foundation must go to the Society as a whole and be distributed according the Society Board's decision process; the Society (including its individual Board members acting on its behalf) shall accept no donations from the Estate offered with contingencies, unless specifically agreed to by vote of the full Board.

4. Agree that all  membership and donation money goes to The Nabokovian Website, Nabokov Studies, prizes, Yearly Board and Business Meeting/Open Bar/Funded Gathering following the MLA Society session—percentages to each to be determined by the Board based on the cost of website upkeep and features.  While we recognize the value of funded gatherings, especially  for graduate students at national conferences, we strongly recommend an online business meeting whenever possible and will investigate at least one instrument/model for such meetings:  Google Hangouts.  

5. Agree that Nabokov Studies is the Society’s journal of record and the perk to be distributed (as a locked pdf file) to logged-in and paid-up membership (if they do not already have access to it through MUSE); any necessary financial agreements are to be negotiated with Davidson College, currently the sole owner of Nabokov Studies._


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