‘Leur chute est lente,’ said Van, ‘on peut les suivre du regard en reconnaissant — that paraphrastic touch of "chopper" and "mud" is, of course, pure Lowden (minor poet and translator, 1815–1895). (1.20)
Lowden was born in 1815. In 1815 Delvig wrote his poem To Pushkin ("He - a swan born in blooming Ausonia...") and Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo.
Lowden died in 1895. 1895 is the year of d'Anthès' death. D'Anthès was born in 1812, the year of Napoleon's invasion of Russia. In 1837 Lermontov (the author of Smert' poeta, "The Poet's Death," 1837) wrote Borodino. Like Pushkin (1799-1837), Lermontov (1814-41) was killed in a duel.
According to VN, mistranslation of innocent dead poets was their second murder.
Alexey Sklyarenko
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