With a subscriber's help, I learned that my previous message about settings was too incomplete, and the link itself perhaps faulty. I've updated the link on the bottom banner and devised some simple instructions.

If you click here or the link below, it will take you to the main interface. You will need to enter (re) set up a password; to do that, click the blue "get a new listserv password" text and follow the instructions. Then, re-click the link below (and make sure your browser is not blocking a pop-up), log in, and you will see your name, email, and forum info at the top, followed by three sections of toggle buttons.  The third section, "Acknowledgements", includes "Receive copy of own postings".

You can also use this menu to switch to "digest" mode, or to set a temporary stop to postings if you will be away from email for an extended time; you would use the same menu to begin receiving list postings again.

I'll be glad to help out if these instructions fail you for any reason.

Stephen Blackwell

Here's the new link again: http://listserv.ucsb.edu/lsv-cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=NABOKV-L
(and it's also at the bottom of every Nabokv-L post from now on)

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