PS to "I wish I had a translation of Nabokov's "An exile's poems" into English to quote poem L.1 (written in Berlin, 1931, in Russian).[...] In Spanish: " o como el vuelo intantáneo de un pájaro/ desde la noche, a través de una sala luminosa, a la noche."

JM: When I translated the lines from the Spanish ( with a copy of the original in the opposite leaf) I left out a marvellous isomorphism (if that's the right word for it) between form and content.  In the Spanish we have a line that begins with night, has a bird's flight in the luminous middle and closes with night. Something like"a bird/ who from the night, crosses a lighted hall, to go back into the night" 

Sorry for my ineptness. I add  an image of the Russian text where this particular quality stands out, too.

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