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The material regarding frost starts about half way down.  In particular, the quoted poem "Of a Winter Evening" is a fairly strong tie.  While Frost was not the only model for Shade, Nabokov was certainly very aware of the man and his work, having lived almost in his shadow--renting Frost's house (a la Kinbote's habituation) and appearing along with him at several poetry readings.

VN rented Frost's house?  This is news to me.  Would Brian Boyd comment?

As far as I can tell, VN shared a reading with Frost once, at an event at a Silene's Department Store (was it in Boston?) where VN read "An Evening of Russian Poetry" as an opening act.  Apparently they also met at a party at one point where RF was "rude" to VN.  This is about it, as far as I can recall.  I stand to be corrected. 

I can't imagine what VN would have said re. Frost's trip to "debate" with Nikita in Russia.
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