Jansy, please explain your comment about Gone with the Wind:  what makes you think he specifically was parodying that book in  "Lolita" ? 
Your comment: "Nabokov's playing with one of the structuring principles of so many melodramatic works: the principal of oppositional characters: good girl/ bad girl; Kitty and Anna Karenina; Becky Sharp and Amelia Sedly from Vanity Fair; Scarlett O'hara and Melanie Wilkes in Margaret Mitchell's Gone With Wind, the movie of which Nabokov parodied in Lolita. "
Thanks, Fran Assa

[EDNOTE.  Although I don't have a copy of LOLITA handy--I am at a bicentennial Poe conference, which is why the N-L post was delayed yesterday--surely Jansy is referring to the description of Southern plantations in Technicolor, "with the devoted Negress shaking her head on the upper landing" (as I remember it) that appears in Humbert's account of the American sights that he and Dolores see.  -- SES.]
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