Matt Roth replies:
Stan: I don't have Priscilla's book with me, and she can speak for herself, but there is no doubt that Angus McD was a real fellow (or a real pseudonymous fellow) and that "incoherent transactions" comes from him, not Hugh. Is there a secondary allusion to Hugh? Hard for me to see it.
>>> Stan Kelly-Bootle <skb@BOOTLE.BIZ> 12/21/08 8:02 AM >>>
Oops false start. Beginagain:
Matt: I¹m rather confused. Priscilla Meyer (FWTSHH) [pp 60-61] seems to
think ³Angus MacDiarmid² is a ³Kinbote coinage,² a made-up name by VN,
hiding the identity of the very REAL Marxist poet HUGH MacDiarmid. I can
attest to Hugh¹s reality (although he was born C M Grieve! Scope there for
some Bird Spotting?) since I shared a platform with him in my Commie days (O
Schmerz). He was very sour-pus¹d when Domnic Behan and I attempted some
Proddy/IRA ecumenics by singing the Orange anthem, ³The Sash Me Father
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