Matt Roth wrote: Given the energetic current of "strong opinions" swirling through The List these days--a good thing, in my opinion--I've been thinking about how we approach novels like Pale Fire. In particular, I've been thinking of VN's famous passage in SM about chess problems.  ...The question then becomes whether or not it is valuable to report on those treks into the wilderness, or should we limit our published reports to only those details which lead most directly to the finish line.  Is there a way of valuing those "tries" that the designer has intentionally placed in the problem , or should we simply put up a sign at the entrance to those dead-end tunnels that says DO NOT ENTER? Thoughts?
Jansy Mello :  Matt, a lot of ground in relation to your interesting proposal has already been covered by Brian Walters in his on-line text in ZEMBLA.  I suggest we pick up our discussion from there?  I'm all in favor of ludambulations, for discussing treks into the wilderness...

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