From: Dmitri Nabokov and Gennady Barabtarlo
New editions of almost all Nabokov's works are being issued in St Petersburg by Azbooka Publishing House. Russian texts follow corrected Ardis versions where possible and will include the first edition of the complete plays, compiled and edited by Andrei Babikov. English texts include corrected translations: The Real Life of Sebastian Knight (Barabtarlo) corrected against the existing  manuscript; Lolita in Nabokov's own Russian version, of course, with Dmitri Nabokov's Russian translation of an important paragraph that was dropped from Part Two's Chapter 3; Pnin in a completely reworked translation by Barabtarlo, with his preface and an essay on the occasion of the novel's 50th anniversary; Pale Fire in Véra Nabokov's literal translation; the short stories in Barabtarlo's. The remaining English novels await better Russian renditions than those available.  All Nabokov's prefaces to the English versions of his Russian books have been translated into Russian and published with the respective text, and the series will conclude with publication of Russian translations of the lectures. 
The hard-bound volumes sport imaginative covers and may be ordered from Azbooka's internet-shop (
1 / Mashen'ka [Mary]:  November 2006
2 / Korol', Dama, Valet [King Queen Knave]:  December 2006
3 / Pnin: March 2007
4 / Otchayanie [Despair]: April 2007
5 / Dar [The Gift] June 2007
6 / Kamera Obscura: June 2007
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