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We are wondering if you or participants of Nabokov L could be interested in the following books:

1. "Lolita", published by Vita Nova, St. Petersburg, 2004, 574 pages, 60
illustrations (most of them coloured), hard cover with leather spine and
metal corners, ISBN 593898-056-9. The book is from the series "Manuscripts"
("Rukopisi"). High quality paper and print made in Finland, the run is 1500
copies. The approximate size is 25x18cm, the book is designed as a decent
and ellegant  gift. Issued to the 50th annivesary of the first publication
of "Lolita".  
Condition: new.
Price: $ 85US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

2. The Russian Academy of Sciences and Nabokov Foundation:
Martynov, G.G. "V.V. Nabokov: Bibliographicheskii Ukazatel'" ("V.V.
Nabokov: Bibliography Guide"), published by "Folio-Press", St. Petersburg,
2001, in Russian, 496 pages, illustrated with Nabokov's drawings, hard
cover 22x14 cm in size. The run is 700 copies.
Foreword by Martynov, G.G., introductory article by Stark, V.P.. The Guide
covers Russian Language publications in the USSR, Russia, states of the CIS
and the Baltic states and is the first Russian complete list of sources.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 35US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

3.Gurbolikova O.A. "Taina Vladimira Nabokova" ("A Secret of Vladimir
Nabokov"), a bibliography sketch, published by "Rossiiskaya
Gosudarstvennaya Biblioteka", Moscow, 1995, in Russian, 248 pages,
Condition: as new.
Price: $ 18 US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

7.Zverev, Alexei "Nabokov", published by "Molodaya Gvardiya", Moscow, 2001, in Russian, hard cover, 453 pages, black/white photoes. ISBN 5-235-02431-1.
The book belongs to the popular series "Zhizn' Zamechatel'nykh Lydei" ("Life of Remarkable People").
This is a biography of V.V.Nabokov written by Zverev, a well-known specialist in literature.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 22US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

14."The Life and Works of Sebastian Khight", edited by V.P. Stark,
published by "The Zvezda Magazine Publishing House", St. Petersburg, 1999,
in Russian and English, 71 pages, paperback, pocket size. ISBN
Price: $ 22 US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

15.Issue 3 of Magazine "Vyshgorod" published
in Tallinn, 1999, in Russian  
The issue is devoted to V.V. Nabokov.
Condition: new, but there's a 5mm tear on the bottom of the front of the
Price: $25US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

16.Chervinskaya, Olga "Pushkin, Nabokov, Akhmatova: metamorphizm russkogo liricheskogo romana", published by Ruta, Chernovtsy, 1999, paperback, 152 pp, ISBN 966-568-107-9.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 24 US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

17.Davydov, Sergei "'Teksty-Matreshki' Vladimira Nabokova", published by Kirtsideli, St. Petersburg, 2004, paperback, 158 pp, ISBN 5-87399-120-0.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 20US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

18.Nabokov "Lolita", published in Georgia, 2002, in the Georgian language, paperback, ISBN 99928-924-1-2.
Condition: new.
Price: $40 US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

19.Pulya "Severnaya strana" v romanakh Nabokova" ("Northern Country" in Novels by Nabokov"), published by the Vyatsk State Pedagogical University (VGPU), Kirov, 1998, in Russian, paperback, 36 pages.
Condition: new.
Price: $15 US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

Best regards, Andrey and Nina.