How about Commentary? I think he would enjoy most of it and, I dare say, would post occasionally in its Letter section. Given tone of some of the recent postings on this list I expect that their authors will slam this suggestion as ‘laughable’. While they are laughing I suggest that VN did not lean left nor right but liked intellectual honesty and independence of thinking which is not of plenty in anything one-sided (pun intended).


- George


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Mr. Nabokov loved the freedom of the United States, and hated the system of government that for most of the last century cost so many millions of lives and dreams in the land of his birth and its surrounding regions. But I seriously doubt he would consider the Washington Times as representative of his views.

VN could enjoy Playboy and the National Review (especially in complimentary subscriptions), but even those publications, in the sixties, were miles higher in intellectual content than a miserable rag like the Washington Times --- which, from my viewing of it, does not reflect the views of Nabokov.

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I would just like to remind Mr Livingston that the politics of the
Washington Times reflects that of Mr Nabokov.

conservatively yours
EDNOTE. Ah, yes, Mooney Tunes and Merrie Melodies--for those who are old enough
to remember Bugs Bunny.

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> Tom,
> Please remember that this review comes from The Washington Times.  Should we
> really expect perceptive criticism in a "newspaper" owned by the Moonies?
> (And
> if you think their lit crit is bad, you should try their politics.)
> Jay Livingston

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