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    New from the author of the highly successful Philosophers in 90 Minutes series—now a staple in most bookstores.

    Nabokov in 90 Minutes
    Series: Great Writers in 90 Minutes
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    Paul Strathern

    Ivan R. Dee, Publisher
    $16.95  Cloth  128pp
    ISBN: 1-56663-589-6
    Rights: COBE    Disc: AT
    April 2005 
    $8.95  Paper  128pp
    ISBN: 1-56663-590-X
    Rights: COBE    
    April 2005 

    About the Author
    Paul Strathern is author of the popular and critically acclaimed Philosophers in 90 Minutes series. Highlights from the series include Nietzsche in 90 Minutes, Aristotle in 90 Minutes, and Plato in 90 Minutes. Mr. Strathern has lectured in philosophy and mathematics and now lives and writes in London. A former Somerset Maugham prize winner, he is also the author of books on history and travel as well as five novels. His articles have appeared in a great many newspapers, including the Observer (London) and the Irish Times. His own degree in philosophy came from Trinity College, Dublin.

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