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Sent: Monday, December 20, 2004 5:06 AM
Subject: Fw: Fw: Beau Romeo/Borromeo/Moore in TT

Dear Dmitri
Summer vacations and their distractions must be preying on my mind because I could not understand your comment about the Borromeo's  coat of arms and my own musings concerning the importance of keeping in mind the separateness of VNīs  blended creations ( Hugh/Romeo/Mr.R/Adam von Librikov/ X  or  Armande/Julia/Juliet) and their author.
I also thought that  the idea of political alliances between three separate families, one which doesnīt menace each familyīs autonomy ( as it also works in the "United States", with the image of the stars in the flag  ) was very nicely illustrated by the figure of the Borromeo knot. 
In the borromean knot the rings are weaved in such a way that they never lock by forming a closed pair. Any ring that breaks, loosens the chain.  Every ring is the third that connects the other two.
No math is needed for that! The rest is with expert topologists...
I didnīt understand why you cut off the "s" of Jacques Lacanīs name: are you blending his name into the various Jake and Jack that court Armande? Wherefrom is the quote? 
I was sincerely amazed at Vladimir Nabokovīs expert knowledge about the Moore Paradox, Wittgenstein and Beau Romeo and how he aptly included allusions to them in TT without burdening the reader with lots of philosophy or topology!
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From: D. Barton Johnson
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2004 12:40 AM
Subject: Fw: Beau Romeo/Borromeo/Moore in TT

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Dear Don,
Comment for Jansy:
Sorry to disagree with the connection you wish to make. Not even a complex disquisition on the analogies between this ancient concept and aspects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, theology, Jacque [no "s"] Lacan's* psychoanalytic theorizing, Dr. Musing's paramystical musings, Via Conservatorio in Milan, Ballantine's beer, or the Borromeo family tree would "demonstrate" how three persons can be interlocked without "loosing" or losing their identities. It might express another kewt analogy perhaps, but certainly not a demonstration (conclusive evidence, proof).
Best, DN
*"Si quelqu'un est un spécialiste de la connerie, pour l'avoir beaucoup étudiée...c'est bien Jacque Lacan."

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Mailing Booromeo again
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From: Jansy Berndt de Souza Mello
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Subject: Beau Romeo/Borromeo/Moore in TT

Dear Don and List
I had already mentioned the Borromean knot ( with which I got acquainted through psychoanalyst Jacques Lacanīs theories ) in connection to Beau Romeo and a geographical site. 
After I discovered Wittgensteinīs reaction to the "Moore Paradox" and its marvellous fit in "Transparent Things", I concluded that some of VNīs "obscure jokes in Tralatitions" were more intertwined with "real math" than Iīd originally thought.  
It might be important then to post a quick reference to the borromean knotīs non-interlocking loops and add its representation. Not only for those able to deal with topology and mathematics, but also because yesterday I had written about the "shifting characters blending into each other" ( Mr. R, Von Librikov, Hugh, Romeo, VN -  Armande, Julia, Juliet) and here it is demonstrated how three persons ( 3P ) can be interlocked without loosing their identity. 

Borromean Knot

Three loops are tangled together but no pair is linked. This appeared on the Borromeo family crest of the Italian Renaissance. No two rings are actually interlocked. Each maintains its identity.