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For Akiko: "shallen" may be a variant of "chalon," but "shallet" does not perform the same service for "chalet." A chalon may, however, be useful in a  chalet on a chilly night.
Best, D
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> 94.13  Akiko here uses the term "shallet", for which I only knew the
> spelling "chalet": and unfortunately I first thought of "shallot", a
> word for a type of onion.  Sorry

Thank you, John.
I meant "chalet." "Shallet" is a typo reflecting the writer's shallowness.


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> I have been having another set of mail problems on my computer, and
> have not been able to catch up, now that I am (as of
> yesterday) back on-line.  Rather than confuse all (including
> myself) I'll just start by posting my usual personal suggestions to
> Chapter 25:  later I'll read and reply to other postings.  (I note a
> couple of topics that have led to vigorous discussion, and I may
> delete those from these notes, and return to them later.)Pretend it's
> 8 December, and all I have are Akiko's notes.  Please remember that
> I make no serious claims about my observations.
>         John
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> 94.01 "pilgrimage" again one of the pervasive threads of TT, in-
> cluding "romeo" in its meaning of "pilgrim"
> 95.18 "should be imagined as three little figures in profile"
>         A reminder that Nabokov's "imagination" is a visual one, as
> seems true for most people (but not all).
> 97.03-04 "gal is nothing but a unit of acceleation"
> i.e. one centimeter per second per second (I had learned the English
> measurement based figure of sixteen feet per second per second.  "gal"
> is of course slang for "girl"
> 98.10 "I am"
>         do we hear a Biblical echo here? or perhaps also think of e.
> e. cummings' "eimi"?
> 98.19 "l'aiguillon rouge"
> I don't mean to take issue to the material I have noticed
> in the discussion, but to add a smidgen to it:  Rabelais
> "and others writing in French) have used the word "aiguilloon" as
> meaning penis.  See Farmer's _Vocabula Amatoria_ and _Slang and its
> Analogs_, which has a list of French equivalents for this, s.v.
> "prick". I seem to recall that Ada has a rather phallic caterpillar.
> That's about all for now.  I'll catch up on the dialogue
> and perhaps join it, although late.
>                 John
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