'Christabel,' 'King Lear,' and the Cinderella folktale


"The Cinderella folktale of father-daughter incest influenced Samuel Taylor Coleridge's ballad, 'Christabel.'"

Contains: Content Analysis

Author: Welch, Dennis M.

From: Papers on Language & Literature Summer 1996 (v32 n3) Start Page: p291(24)

Keywords: Cinderella, incest

Access Restrictions: NL



Patriarchy and Incest from Shakespeare to Joyce. By Jane M. Ford. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1998. xiii + 202 pp. $49.95.


The very scope of Fordís book guarantees that most readers will, at various points, be unfamiliar with the play or novel being analyzed. For many readers who are not Shakespeareans, for instance, Pericles is a distant memory; Henry VIII, the authorship of which is open to debate, may be even more remote. Yet these two plays, along with the more familiar Midsummer Nightís Dream, The Tempest and King Lear, carry the weight of Fordís examination of the incest theme in Shakespeareís oeuvre. The breadth of Fordís representative authors and works suggests the ubiquity of the incest theme in literature, as do the introductory chapters, which provide a useful survey of the history and theory of father/daughter incest.


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