EDNOTE. Thanks to Carolyn for checking. There was an earlier film version form  before 1937 but VN doubtless knew the original Anthohy Hope novel from the 1890s reinforced by one or more of the film versions. 
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The Garland Companion does mention that Prisoner of Zenda was among Nabokov's  childhood favorites. The (excuse the expression) doppelganger theme and the commoner-as-king theme are certainly echoed in PF.  It is a charming read, a sort of British Three Musketeers,  but the only possible reference I could find was Shade's eggspoon which turns up in the first paragraph of Zenda.

The 1937 film is a charming tour de force for its star, Ronald Colman, but is otherwise undistinguished. There was a remake in 1952 with Deborah Kerr & Stewart Granger, which I haven't seen.


p.s. Duck Soup?! I guess perhaps the revolution in Fredonia -- but that is a stretch.