Dear Dmitri,
    I sent out your Anatoly-in-livery this AM. I can send you a copy of SKAZKA if you like.
I'm glad to hear PNIN & KO will be filmed. They  certainly lend themselves to film  better than most of the works. I'll hold off on the interview until you send the English version---for which I thank you. 
                                                                Best, Don
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From: Dmitri Nabokov
To: 'D. Barton Johnson'
Sent: Monday, November 10, 2003 9:12 AM
Subject: films, interviews
I can offcially announce the purchase of film rights in PNIN by a German production company, details to follow. I also have two firm offers for a remake of KAMERA OBSCURA, one from LA, and one via the Russian Ministry of Culture. I expect to make a decision next week.
My name is neither Livry nor Svirilin, so what follows is just for the sake of accuracy. The Spanish magazine JOYCE (not James) has published a well presented, illustrated, faithful, long interview with me. If you receive a "machine translation," for Heaven's sake trash it, and I'll supply an accurate English version that I have.
A French article is imminent, to be treated in the same manner.
Did you get my Special de Livry? Maybe Sandy hasn't forwarded it yet.
Warm greetings,