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Subject: Lolita and Climax,etc
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 09:02:38 -0500

EDNOTE. I think in almost all cases you can assume that  such usages are quite intentional. Eric Naiman at Berkeley  has  written a number of  fascinating papers on the subject. And then then there is the high point of my own career --- "The Scrabble Game in ADA, or Taking Naboov Clitorally."

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After glancing over/re-reading bits of Lolita I noticed the word climax is
present all over the place. I am referring mainly to Camp Q in Climax
(although according to Appel's annotations there are 7 towns with this name
in the US). There are other sorts of these could-be sexual names/words such
as a Miss Redcock. Are these words placed among the text exactly what they
seem to be - a crude sexual play on words - or is Nabokov mocking the
tendency of our minds to fall in the gutter?
Dane Gill

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