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From: Mary Krimmel
From: bekah <bekah0176@sbcglobal.net>
Subject: lemniscate and bicycling
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http://wtsmith.com/rt/outdoorfun.html and scroll way down for a little graphic of a bike-made lemniscate.

Go to Google, click on graphics, put lemniscate in the search box and take a peek at lots of kinds of leminscates, a few of which could be accomplished, large scale in the sand, riding a bike.   :)


Bekah intended to say "click on images", I think. Anyway there are lots, as she says. For the bicycle, look at Bike Rodeos, Bicycle Confidence Course, Change of Balance,  when you get to the site she gives above.

Again, I asked too soon. The Google images led me to www.ipfw.edu/math/Coffman/ pov/booth7.jpg
where I found the definition of the lemniscate of Booth, about which I had asked.

Mary Krimmel