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Sent: Sunday, September 21, 2003 3:14 PM
Subject: Re: More on the solution to a raetzel (sic), i.e. riddle

Dear Don & Brian,

> EDnote.    Very tempting, but I'd have to follow the souci d'eau motif thru
> ADA to be sure.

Actually this riddle and its solution have less to do with VN than with BB. I was having difficulty with BB's interpretation of deflowering of poem/not deflowering of Lucette argument and the golden assinine intent.

And yet, there was something in the sound of souci d'eau.   When I caught it, I wondered if Brian had noticed this as it would reinforce his argument. In fact I doubt very much that this was intended by VN, it was just a little scherzl. Also Brian, like Fowlie,  seems to have missed the non-botanical meaning of souci d'eau which is "fear of water."

I "cygned" myself K. Ente because the Wood Duck, in Latin is sponsa, but in most european languages she is a "Carolina Duck." And the poem Memoire refers to une epouse as well as to the souci d'eau (a poisonous plant, by the way).

K. Ente