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Just as a sidenote to those who patiently read the email threads awhile back about "Unitive Consciousness", I thought I'd update you with this news that that subject is going more and more  "mainstream" as in the two conferences noted below.   This is copied out of our Inter-spiritual Dialogue Newsletter (National Service Conference at the UN). 



 News Item 2.  University of California Sponsors Discussion of “Unitive Consciousness”.  


This summer the University of California, Berkeley, sponsored a discussion among spiritual practicioners, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists of “Unitive Consciousness”.  The conference was called the “Conference on Non-Dual Wisdom and Psychotherapy”.  Key speakers were Leonard Jacobson, whose website is given below, along with some others speakers who had also appeared at a similar conference in La Jolla, California.   These included Adyashanti (a Zen/Advaita teacher who is very revered by other eastern teachers), Douglas Harding (whose work in child psychology was featured in a previous LINKS Newsletter ), and Gangaji (one of the first people to be given permission to teach  Advaitic [Hindu-related] Unitive Consciousness by Papaji, one of Ramana Maharshi’s successors).

For more information about Leonard Jacobson and his work, visit his website at www.leonardjacobson.com  



thought this update might interest you six Nabophiles.   I still owe one of you (Stephen) some things.   I have been down with walking pneumonia (going on now for 16 days!)...not pleasant re: the experience of the body etc. but at least the antibiotics seems to finally be working!  Hope you are all well!