THE NABOKOVIAN                                                 Number 44                                          Spring 2000
     by Stephen Jan Parker     3
Notes and Brief Commentaries   7
     by Gennady Barabtarlo
        'Thomas Flatman in Pale Fire,"  by Ward   Swinson      7
        "Nine Notes to the GIFT,  by " Omry Ronen                20
        "Nabokov's 'On Discovering a Butterfly'   and Pushkin's 'Exegi Monumentum',"  by    Lisa Zunshine    26
         'Note on Pnin,"    by Ruth Kolani                         29
        "More on the Name Pnin,"    by Mikhail Avrekh           30
        "An Unsuspected Muse: Exploring the influence of Zola On Nabokov's King, Queen, Knave,"  by Matthew Pavich   33
        "Top Hats, Toys, and Guillotines:     Nabokov's Methods For Triumphing Over Mortality,'  by David Rutledge    37
        "The Author is Dead---Long Live the Author!"    The Puzzling Chronology in Nabokov's Lolita,"  by Sigrun Golpon     41
        "Maud: Wordplay and the Letter M,"     by Tony Fazio                45
"Vladimir Nabokov and Women Authors,"     by Maxim D. Shrayer    52
Annotations to Ada 15. Part 1, Chapter 15,"             by Brian Boyd            64-91
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