Boyd, Brian. Lolita: What We Know and What We Don’t. 2007

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Lolita: What We Know and What We Don’t
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v. 24 no. 1
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Revised as ch 23 of Brian Boyd, Stalking Nabokov: "Literature, Pattern, Lolita: Or, Art, Literature, Science"


A discussion of annotation and interpretation in Nabokov, in line with the theme of the June 2006 conference (Annotating versus Interpreting Nabokov), organized by Maurice Couturier, for which this was a keynote, and of the theme of what readers and characters know and don't in Lolita

Follows through the annotative clues about Jean Farlow's dogs in Lolita, Cavall and Melampus, and the interpretive clues they provide to the motif of the hunter hunted that encompasses and goes beyond the Enchanted Hunters motif, and emphasizes how much there is still to discover in Lolita, at the level of both annotation and interpretation.