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VN CYCNOS Bibliography
NOTE. As some of you may know, the French scholarly journal CYCNOS published the papers of the three VN conferences in Nice organized by the eminent French Nabokov scholar Maurice Couturier. All three conference proceedings (all in English) are now available on-line and may be found at Go to this page which lists ALL the CYCNOS issues and select each of the follow three issues for the full texts.


Cycnos | Volume 10 n°1 NABOKOV : Autobiography, Biography and Fiction (1993)

Introduction: Maurice Couturier

Brian Boyd : New Light on Nabokov’s Russian Years

Ellen Pifer : Innocence and Experience Replayed: From Speak Memory to Ada

Gennady Barabtarlo : Nabokov in the Wilson Archive

Simon Karlinsky : Nabokov and Chekhov: Affinities, parallels, structures

Julian W. Connolly : From Biography to Autobiography and Back: The Fictionalization of The Narrated Self in The Real Life of Sebastian Knight

Maurice Couturier. The Distinguished Writer vs the Child

Geoffrey Green : “Visions of a ‘Perfect Past’: Nabokov, Autobiography, Biography, and Fiction”

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney : Playing Nabokov

Dmitri Nabokov : Things I Could Have Said

Leona Toker : “Who was becoming seasick? Cincinnatus”: Some Aspects of Nabokov’s treatment of the

Communist Regime

Christine Raguet-Bouvart : Textual Regeneration and the Author’s Progress

Don Barton Johnson : Vladimir Nabokov and Captain Mayne Reid

Stephen Jan Parker : Nabokov’s Montreux Books: Part II

Pekka Tammi : The St. Petersburg Text and Its Nabokovian Texture

Robert Alter : Autobiography as Alchemy in Pale Fire

Suzanne Fraysse : Look At The Harlequins!

Herbert Grabes : The Deconstruction of Autobiography: Look at the Harlequins!

David Rampton : The Last Word in Nabokov Criticism


Cycnos | Volume 12 n°2 NABOKOV At the Crossroads of Modernism & Postmodernism- juin 1995

Introduction. Maurice Couturier

Brian Boyd : Words, Works and Worlds in Joyce and Nabokov

Laurent Milesi : Dead on Time? Nabokov’s “Post” to the Letter

Christine Raguet-Bouvart : Riverruning acrostically through “The Vane Sisters” and “A.L.P.,” or “genealogy on its head”

Maurice Couturier: Censorship and the Authorial Figure in Ulysses and Lolita

Alexander Dolinin : Caning of Modernist Profaners: Parody in Despair

Wladimir Troubetzkoy : Vladimir Nabokov’s Despair: The Reader as “April’s Fool”

Simon Karlinsky : Nabokov and Some Poets of Russian Modernism

Julian W. Connolly : Cincinnatus and Différance: Subversive Discourse in Invitation to a Beheading

Galya Diment : From Kafka’s Castle to Axel’s Castle: Nabokov vs Wilson as Critics of Modernism

Suzanne Fraysse : Worlds Under Erasure: Lolita and Postmodernism

Don Barton Johnson : Nabokov, Ayn Rand, and Russian-American Literature or, the Odd Couple

John Burt Foster : Parody, Pastiche, and Periodization: Nabokov/Jameson

Herbert Grabes : A Prize for the (Post-)Modernist Nabokov

David Lodge : What Kind of Fiction did Nabokov Write? A Practitioner’s view

Jane Grayson : Nabokov and Perec

Geoffrey Green : Beyond Modernism and Postmodernism: Vladimir Nabokov’s Fiction of Transcendent Perspective

Ellen Pifer : Birds of a Different Feather: Nabokov’s Lolita and Kosinski’s Boy

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney : The V-Shaped Paradigm: Nabokov and Pynchon

Pekka Tammi : Shadows of Differences: Pale Fire and Foucault’s Pendulum

Dmitri Nabokov : White nights, forty degrees celsius

Cycnos | Volume 24 n°1 Vladimir Nabokov, Annotating vs Interpreting Nabokov-

-Actes du colloque, Nice 21-23 juin 2006

Maurice Couturier: “Annotating vs. Interpreting Nabokov: The Author as a Helper or a Screen?”

Ellen Pifer : Finding the “Real” Key to Lolita: A Modest Proposal

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney : “Had I Come Before Myself”: Illegitimate Judgments of Lolitaand Despair

Galya Diment : From Bauer’s Li to Nabokov’s Lo: Lolita and Early Russian Film

Don Barton Johnson : Ada’s “Last Tango” in Dance, Song and Film

Lara Delage-Toriel : Disclosures under Seal: Nabokov, Secrecy and the Reader

Gerard de Vries : Nabokov’s Pale Fire, its structure and the last works of J.S. Bach

Gennady Barabtarlo : The Man Is the Book

John Burt Foster : Framing Nabokov: Modernism, Multiculturalism, World Literature

Monica Manolescu : “Verbal Adventures in the Inky Jungle”: Marco Polo and John Mandeville in Vladimir Nabokov’s The Gift

Andrey Babikov : On Germination of Nabokov’s “Main Theme”. In his Story “Natasha”

David Rampton : As We Like It: Nabokov and the Passions of Reading

Julian W. Connolly : The Challenge of Interpreting and Decoding Nabokov: Strategies and Suggestions

Zoran Kuzmanovich : “Reading with the spine” or Reading Nabokov with Huck Finn

Priscilla Meyer : Life as Annotation: Sebastian Knight, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Vladimir Nabokov1

Michael Wood : The Figure in the Crypt

Lectures publiques

Jeff Edmunds : Vladimir Nabokov à l'âge d'Internet

Brian Boyd : Lolita: What We Know and What We Don’t

David Lodge : Nabokov and the Campus Novel


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