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Classics from The Nabokovian

From No. 8, Spring 1982 (Vladimir Nabokov Research Newsletter)

Professor Nabokov: A Review Essay
by Stephen Jan Parker

[Steve Parker (1939-2016) was a student of Nabokov's at Cornell, and a Professor at the University of Kansas; he was the founder of the Vladimir Nabokov Society (as it was then called) in 1978, and of its newsletter long edited by him, which became The Nabokovian and eventually "TheNabokovian.org."]

One may presume that with the appearance of Lectures on Russian Literature (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich & Bruccoli Clark, New York, 1981), following Lectures on Literature (1980), the public has now been given what is expected to be the complete record of Vladimir Nabokov's classroom teachings. If this is the case, then the reader of the two volumes of Lectures will come away with incomplete knowledge of both the content and approach that Nabokov brought to his courses. [Read More]




New Book and Interviews: Olga Voronina

Submitted by stephen_blackwell on Mon, 11/06/2023 - 07:26

Olga Voronina's highly-anticipated new book, Тайнопись: Набоков. Архив. Подтекст (Secret Writing: Nabokov. Archive. Subtext) has just been released by the Ivan Limbakh publishing house. You can find an excerpt in Snob magazine and an interview with the author at Gorky.media

Воронина Ольга. Тайнопись: Набоков. Архив. Подтекст. — СПб.:
Издательство Ивана Лимбаха, 2023. — 584 с., ил.
ISBN 978-5-89059-520-1


Submitted by Brian_Boyd on Tue, 10/31/2023 - 15:45

Dear Nabokovians,

There are scam emails circulating in my name asking for IVNS DELEGATE LOGISTICS SUPPORT. Everything about the emails is wrong, including the email address, but the worrying thing is that they seem to be targeting prominent Nabokovians, so someone may have hacked into this website. Be on your guard!

Brian Boyd (the real one)



Nabokov Seminar-Pushkin House

Submitted by stephen_blackwell on Sun, 10/29/2023 - 11:20

Tomorrow (Monday, Oct. 29, 2023), at 7pm St. Petersburg time (12pm US Eastern time), Pushkin House will host an online seminar, "Nabokov and German Cinematography of the Early 20th Century." More information at nabokovreadings.ru, and live stream at this link. For the zoom link, contact Tatianana Ponomareva or this site's General Editor.

New Nabokov book by Esther Godiner

Submitted by Brian_Boyd on Thu, 09/21/2023 - 05:20

Dear all,

Esther Godiner has just published a book on Nabokov's Russian works: Nabokov: Risunok sud'by (Nabokov: A Picture of Fate, Jerusalem: Philobiblion, 2023), 520 pp., with chapters on all the Russian novels, and more. Almost half of the book focuses on Dar. ISBN 978-965-7209-84-4, contact the press at leoniduniverg@gmail.com. I'm too heavily involved in non-Nabokovian and even non-literary work (apart from adding instalments to my Ada annotations) to have time to read and digest this but Slavists, please take note.