Priscilla Meyer's 1988 exploration of VN's PALE Fire _Find What the Sailor Has Hidden: "Pale Fire" by Vladimir Nabokov_ is now Available in its new Russian translation.

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Meier P.
Naidite, chto spriatal matros: "Blednyi ogon'" Vladimira Nabokova: Monografiia | Find What the Sailor Has Hidden: "Pale Fire" by Vladimir Nabokov: Monograph.
Series: Nauchnaia biblioteka | Scientific Library.
Issue LXIII: M.: NLO, 2007. 312 p. Hard. ISBN 5-86793-521-3. 1500 copies. In Russian. Translated from English.
The monograph by Priscilla Meyer is dedicated to the "Pale Fire" (1962), one of the best novels by Vladimir Nabokov written during the American period of his creative work. The author examines literary, folklore, mythological, historical, scientific and philosophical origins of the novel discovering various intertextual layers and describing mechanisms of intercultural exchange and translation, which function in Nabokov's text. To examine literary genealogy of the "Pale Fire" the author used a wide range of material, including Icelandic sagas, scalds' poetry, ancient English literature, works by Shakespeare, Goethe and other authors. The monograph was first published in 1988 and became one of the best and authoritative works on Nabokov's prose.
$27.00 (Item no. M76758)

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