From: Don Johnson:
   Our beloved editors (who, I'm sure, got more than they bargained for when they magnanimously volunteered to assume their posts) recently urged contributors to check the extensive NABOKV-L Archives BEFORE submitting their comments (where appropriate). I would add that checking ZEMBLA as well may be profitable. Quite by chance, I ran across there the item below which on its second page gives an excellent discussion of the virtues of the "Pale Fire" and VN's attitude toward it.
Genius and Plausibility: Suspension of Disbelief in Pale Fire
by J. Morris
    A penultimate thought. It would be helpful if all contributors put their names at the top of their messages (and at bottom as well), along with their e-addresses. Lastly, please give informative brief titles for your subject line. This is important for locating older information and thread continuity. Subject lines like PQ to RX are useless.
Best, Don Johnson

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