Nabokov and Heirs






Yuri Leving, Evgeny Soshkin. Nabokov on a Securities Market



I. Sociology of success / INTENTIONS / literary behavior


Maria Malikova (Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg). The Gift and Success of Vladimir Nabokov


Boris Maslov (University of California, Berkeley). Dilettantism as a Historical-Cultural Phenomenon (Notes toward an Aesthetic Ideology of Vladimir Nabokov’s The Gift)


Stephen Blackwell (University of Tennessee). Nabokov the Publisher


Irina Borisova (St. Petersburg). Nabokov’s Ultima Thule, or “The details of his business—especially those connected with the handling of old somber pictures…” 


II. Industry / RECEPTIONS / mass culture


Yuri Leving (The George Washington University). Plaster, Marble, Canon: The Vindication of Nabokov


Suellen Stringer-Hye (Vanderbilt University). Vladimir Nabokov and American Popular Culture


Ekaterina Vassileva-Ostrovsky (Cologne University). Lolita’s Mythology: Nabokov’s Heroine in Contemporary Art and Mass Culture


Iuichi Isahaya (University Doshisha, Kyoto). Nabokov and Nabokov Studies: The Nineties


Ekaterina Rogatchevsky (British Library, London). Virtual Nabokov (In Internet and Around)


Viacheslav Desyatov (Altai State University). Russian Postmodernism: Half a Century with Nabokov


Yuri Leving (The George Washington University). “Nabokov-7”: Russian Postmodernism in Search of National Identity


Oleg Lekmanov (Moscow State University). Nabokov in Modern Russia: The History of Assimilation



III. Nabokov the reader / REFLECTIONS / Nabokov the spectator


Savely Senderovich, Yelena Shwartz (Cornell University). The Juice of Three Oranges: Nabokov and St. Petersburg Theatrical Avant-Garde


Lada Panova (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow). Vladimir Sirin and Russian Egypt


Alexander Dolinin (University of Wisconsin-Madison / St. Petersburg). On a Certain Parody by Nabokov


Nadezhda Grigoreva (Konstanz / Moscow). The Avant-Garde in Despair


Donald Barton Johnson (University of California, Santa Barbara). Forbidden Masterpieces in Nabokov’s Ada


Rashit Yangirov (Moscow). “The Sense of Film”: Notes on the Cinematic Context in the Literature of the Russian Emigration in the 1920-1930s



IV. Challenge to a reader / CODES / Contact by return 


Alexander Zholkovsky (University of Southern California, Los Angeles). Prank? Joke? Problem?


Feodor Dvyniatin (St. Petersburg). Nabokov, Modernism, Postmodernism, and Mimesis


Masha Levina-Parker (Sorbonne, Paris). Repetition. Répétition. Rehearsal? On a Certain Narrative Strategy in Nabokov’s and Bely’s Prose


Evgeny Soshkin (Jerusalem). Hitchcock’s Double. About Nabokov’s Detective Strategies


Alexander Dolinin (University of Wisconsin-Madison / St. Petersburg). Signs and Symbols in Nabokov’s “Signs and Symbols”