EDNOTE. Carolyn Kunin has found some photos of an number done by the Lawrence Welk troup that resemble the Van's Mascodagama act. The parallel is not exact since there is no tango and the male plays the female role--but it gives the general idea, If anyone can find out what such an act is called in showbiz talk, please let NABOKV-L know. Is there a discussion forum that deals in showbiz acts?
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From: Jansy Berndt de Souza Mello
To: don barton johnson
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 8:59 AM
Subject: J-1 March - Editorīs query on Mascodagama

Dear Don,
Carolyn Kunin sent me an address for a special "mascodagama act" and I visited the place and got two pictures from it.  Since I havenīt received any posting on this subject, I send you the illustration, but I no longar have with me the reference or the address. C.Kunin could  provide it again, I imagine.
Tue illustrations are good!